CAC Palace of Praise

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31st Edition of I CARE Parents Intercessory Gathering

I Care Parents Intercessory Gathering is a Forum where parents always gather together every 2nd Thursday of the month to interceed for their children and home.

We are at the last days of perilous times which many children no longer respect nor submit to their Parents. They are heady and disobedient to their own parents {2nd Timothy 3:1-5}. Some chose to go on their own way and by so doing got out of the way which is the Lord Jesus Christ, some became vagabond children, some drug addict, some became homeless and died prematurely etc. The Lord who restored back the prodigal son is still with us today to do the miraculous; He will surely restore those that are still alive, we shall not lose any of our children to this society and to hell; as we come together in this place of Prayer every month God will grant our request speedily in name. Amen.