CAC Palace of Praise

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No More Tarring {b}

Today's Message: No More Tarring
Beloved, ★As the LORD liveth NEW Things shall not EVADE you. ★ WISDOM is a DEFENSE and MONEY is a DEFENSE you shall not lack both ★ HE that Turns Wilderness into a standing WATER shall send you Prosperity ★ We shall not wonder away from the Truth like Demas ★ Behold, All ye that Fear the LORD HE's fighting your battle, HIS fierce Anger shall not return until HE have done it and Perfored the Intent of His HEART ★ You shall shout for joy by the reason of HIS Abundance in your life ★ Finally, those that DISDAINED you in the past shall be the first to make known Publicly your SUCCESS.
★★★ So Be It in JESUS name