CAC Palace of Praise

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Mercy & Compassion

Beloved, LORD of MERCY and COMPASSION shall VISIT you this DAY for GOOD in JESUS name. "WAIT upon the LORD" ♣Ruth took Time to ★"WAIT upon the LORD" and she gave birth to Obed the Father of JESSE the Line of Descendants that gave birth to King DAVID through whom came JESUS CHRIST Saviour of the WORLD. ★"WAIT upon the LORD" for ♣Your Season of REJOICING is at the DOOR, ♣You shall REJOICE and shall be Celebrated. ♣Your Period of WAITING shall Yield Many FRUITS to the Glory of GOD in JESUS name. Keep WAITING @ Isaiah 40:31. Please! Read. ♣You shall not leave your POST at the Edge of BREAKTHROUGH. So Be It in JESUS name.