CAC Palace of Praise

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Things Shall Be Easy

Welcome to the Dawning of this new born Day, 
As you continue for the rest of this year, I Decree 
by the reason of anointing; **Things shall be easy for you
*1 There shall be Showers of Blessings in JN 
*2 His Isolated Divine Favours, Heavy downpour of His 
Mercy and Compassion shall always be around you 
*3 You will walk in the Rivers of Double Honour 
*4 Heaven will decorate your life with Success 
*5 What ever you lay your hands on shall carry the
Mark of Gods Aproval 
*6 Your Light shall rise from Obscurity, 
and all Dark areas of your life shall be as the Noonday 
*7 Every Measure of your Heart Desire shall be Specially 
met for an Eventful Celebrations in Jesus Name.
Continue to Walk in His Status,
and So Shall It Be In Jesus Name